Image: Snecma Moteurs

In common with other modern fighter aircraft, the Mirage 2000 offers the customer the choice between Ground Power or On Board starting. MicroTurbo supplies the Noelle 180 Jet Fuel Starter Model 086 that is employed in the Mirage 2000.


This compact unit, weighing only 34kg produces 180 SHP at an engine speed of 7000 RPM. The Model 086, as fitted to the Mirage 2000 series, spools the M53-P2 up to light-up speed and continues to assist during the acceleration phase. The M53-P2 achieves self-sustaining combustion in approximately 30 seconds.
The Jet Fuel Starter itself is powered by a rechargable battery. The battery is recharged during flight. At full charge the battery can sustain four start attempts. Should the engine for whatever reason not start up after four attempts, the pilot will have to take recourse to Ground Power.




613 mm


312 mm


464 mm


34 Kg



Power Rating:

180 SHP

Engine Speed:

7000 RPM

Operating Envelope


Starting Altitude:

0-3000 m

Operating Temperature:

-40° to +50° C

Operating and Maintenance Requirements


All aviation turbine fuels

Integral Oil System:

All aviation turbine oils

Jet Fuel Starter