Hardpoints and Pylons
The Mirage 2000 has nine hardpoints that can carry a total of 6300 kg. Some sources quote a figure of 6500 kg for the 2000D. The nine hardpoints are comprised of four underwing points (two under each wing) and five fuselage points (two forward, two rear and one centreline). All hardpoints are capable of carrying air-to-air and air-to-ground ordnance. The load limits are as follows:

    Outer wing station                 300  kg each
    Inner wing station               1800  kg each
    Forward fuselage station     400  kg each
    Rear fuselage station           400  kg each
    Centreline station               1800  kg

 Generally the outer wing stations are used soley for the carriage of R550 Magic2 shortrange AAMs. The inner wing stations can carry fuel, guided and unguided weapons. The heaviest weapon that can be carried is the Apache stand-off missile which weighs approximately 1300 kg. The Apache will enter AdlA service in about five years time. The forward fuselage stations can carry guided or unguided bombs, the Mk 82 being typical. The starboard station, additionally, is configured to carry a targetting pod such as the ATLIS II. The Dash 5 variant can also carry the MICA missile on the forward station. The centreline station usually carries a 1300 litre fuel tank. It can also carry guided and unguided bombs. Dassault offer a multi point pylon that can carry four 250 pound bombs. Additionally a twin pylon is offered that allows carriage of two Mk 82 or two Mk 83 bombs with guidance kits. The rear fuselage pylons can carry guided or unguided bombs. The Dash 5 can also utilise these two stations to carry the MICA missile


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